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The Hotel Service - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom

This hotel employee is very smart in his outfit. The hotel where he works must surely have several stars. But the employees’ elegance isn’t everything.

Indeed, everything must be perfect in a hotel: the organisation, the service and even the smile. It’s surprising to see the number of people who, satisfied with a place, come back to it every year.

Take, for example, a simple breakfast. It seems very ordinary to order a full breakfast and to ask for it to be served to you in bed. But it’s not as easy for the bellboy to bring it to you and not stumble on the stairs. Mind you don’t spill anything!

Sitting in her bed, waiting patiently for her coffee, the guest obviously has no idea of all this. Whatever the time and whatever the event, the waiter must always listen and be at the guest’s service.

The noisiest place in a hotel, and where people are the busiest, is probably the kitchen. The hotel manager, moreover, is found more often there than in his office.

Managing staff is always difficult, especially when it’s a team of chefs who want, at all costs, to accompany the head chef’s dish with a bilberry sauce, when a simple orange sauce, ten times less costly, would be perfectly adequate!

They cut, grate, sprinkle, peel, scale fish... What talent! It’s a true culinary art. The meal is a significant element among those services provided in a hotel and the food must be irreproachable.

Obviously, the produce must be fresh and that requires working with a reliable supplier. The fruits and vegetables are imported from the four corners of the globe and it’s necessary to have complete confidence in the company in charge of delivering the goods.

It’s impossible to plan for two hundred covers without being certain of getting in time, and on time, fresh produce of an excellent quality. The choice of the supplier depends on the best quality-price ratio and the delivery time. It’s not uncommon to call upon the services of several professionals at the same time.

The restaurant opens its doors at the beginning of the evening and it’s not unusual to see customers come in who aren’t staying in the hotel. All the waiters and waitresses are dressed up to the nines: shoes well polished, hair well groomed, ties well done up, skirts well ironed...

As usual for the service sector, a restaurant’s success depends enormously on its reputation. The service must be impeccable. When you have a job in the service sector, never forget that the customer is always right! And if he does happen to be wrong, keep it to yourself!

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