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Busy Day At Work - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom

What time is it? Almost seven o’clock. Already! Quick, you’ve got to get ready and go to work.

That’s right, the hardest thing every morning is getting out of bed. Five minutes under the shower, a large cup of coffee and you’ll have a clear head. Now you’re ready to attack the day.

You begin by facing the traffic and the hold-ups. The fear of arriving late makes you forget to close the windows and lock the car door.

You’re one of those stressed people who only think about their work! Don’t rely on your watch, it’s fast!

And did you do your best before going home yesterday, so as not to have too many urgent tasks at the beginning of the morning? Apparently yes, you can thus start the day slowly!

And now the telephone starts to ring. Phew, it’s just one of your friends who’s asking you to go to the cinema tonight. Usually, when the phone rings, it’s a colleague with a lot of questions to ask.

This morning, someone came by your office and left documents you have to reread before the meeting. It seems that every task in this company is urgent!

In the offices next door, they’re just as busy. Obviously, you’re dealing with a professional call and not with an invitation to go to the cinema.

On the telephone, you agree with your various colleagues on the point of view that is to be defended at the next meeting.

This is very important, because if there is no unity among the staff, your superior will ask you to start the work again.

There you go, another file to deal with! As if you didn’t have enough to do already... By the looks of it, you won’t be going to the cinema tomorrow either...

You were concentrating so hard on your work that you didn’t see the time go by, nor the time of the meeting get closer.

You still had to reread your argumentation and make a few photocopies before going to the conference room, where the whole team is waiting for you.

Your superior is very satisfied, your work is impeccable, as usual. He congratulates you. It was well worth getting up early this morning.

Err, let’s just hope that your car hasn’t been stolen!

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