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The Water - Video for Listening Comprehension

Two thirds of the planet is covered with water. There's even water on the moon! Water is an essential element for life. It hydrates the body and helps plants grow.

It's also a source of leisure activities. Scuba diving lets you see the world through the fish's eyes. There are some really amazing things to see underwater. Like sea horses. You can even play with dolphins.

Children can have fun snorkelling, while you discover varieties of multicoloured fish, coral reefs, turtles, crabs and starfish. In short, there are things in the ocean that don't exist on terra firma!

If you want to set sail, listen carefully to the weather forecast before weighing anchor because the sea isn't always very calm. It can be rough and choppy. There can be unforeseen squalls.

Hurricanes may look beautiful when seen from afar. But in the middle of the storm you'd better take shelter. The waves can be as large as a house. Not a bungalow, but a ten-storey block of flats!

That's why we have coastguards and lighthouses, otherwise there would be lots more shipwrecks and more oil slicks harming the environment and marine wildlife.

What can we find in marine wildlife? Seagulls, friendly dolphins, intelligent like humans, whales, who can communicate across thousands of miles of water, without shouting or portable phones!

And you also find seals, who lie and get brown in the sun, but, unfortunately they're an endangered species. There are many animals that live both on the seashore and in the sea.

There's the dentist's favourite animal: the walrus, sea otters and penguins. Of all the birds on Earth, they are the smartest because they're always wearing dinner jackets.

Like lots of people you might dream of living in the middle of the ocean, on a desert island in the Pacific, far from urban life and the pollution and noise of big cities.

You can breathe fresh air and live simply collecting large seashells, or even change jobs and become a fisherman grilling your fish on a barbecue.

But don't expect to eat them with tomato ketchup, the supply plane won't be coming until the end of the month! Your island will be your supermarket.

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