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The Value of Money - Video for English Classroom

What's the best way for parents to teach their children the value of money? Give them a piggy bank of course!

Sometimes they manage to convince them to save, thus preventing them from wasting their money on comics and sweets. Even so, the child sometimes gives in to temptation and spends all his money on a toy he'll forget about a short while after.

There are two ways to manage your money: either spend it without counting, or count it without spending. Save some of it, of course, but don't wait until you're too old before reaping the benefits. You shouldn't think twice about treating yourself to a present once in a while!

For most daily expenditure we use cash. If you pay for your purchases with banknotes, shopkeepers will give you small change. To get rid of it easily, it's always useful to know a coin collector!

Credit cards are used more and more. They're as miraculous as they are dangerous. Because it's invisible money, you don't feel like you've actually spent anything!

Here's a riddle! Where are we now? Why are these people queuing? To go to the cinema, a show, a rock concert? No! They're placing bets. A racecourse is less luxurious than a casino, but it still has the same effect on your bank account! It's not the horses that interest these people, but the lure of money.

Ten to one, fifty to one, a hundred to one! They're all looking for the outsider to pull off a risky gamble. Most of the time they don't even bother to watch the race. They're wrong not to! They might have backed three-legged horses which, obviously, never win!

After the risky gambles, there are the moments of madness. Apparently some multimillionaires are so rich they burn banknotes to light their cigars! Myth or reality? Well, it's true some jobs involve destroying money, like incinerating forged banknotes or notes that are no longer in circulation.

Granted, money can buy jewellery, furs and sports cars... But is that really what makes people happy?

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