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On Holyday - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom

It's often in spring that we start to think about the summer holidays. April showers give us the blues, and only the summer sun's rays can make them disappear. So we start flicking through the travel agency's brochures. We choose a destination and buy the tickets.

But you mustn't make the decision lightly, because it's important to choose the right type of holiday that you want to spend.

Some people prefer cultural holidays to enrich their knowledge of a civilisation. Maybe they'll be fascinated by Egypt and the Pharaohs and go and admire the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Cairo, comfortably seated on a camel! Others prefer Greek ruins, like the Acropolis.

This type of holiday can be too boring for certain people. So they look for adventure... So much so that they find it! They see the holidays as an opportunity to gain new experiences, come winter, come summer.

Children like winter sports as well, but accidents can still happen. In the summer, the hiker takes possession of his domain: the mountain! For climbing, good shoes are a must, otherwise watch out for blisters! No question that going up in a chair lift is quicker, but the result is the same: at the summit, the view is breathtaking!

Here, you live in the wild. You're camping. You eat what you can catch in the lake. For those of you who don't like fish, the fortnight promises to be very difficult! So why not go on safari then, admire wild animals and discover a new country, see elephants up close as well as zebras.

You can also visit national parks like the Grand Canyon, where everything is done to preserve the flora and fauna. There are even some regions that are so hostile that Man struggles to survive, because he has to constantly do battle with the elements and bad weather.

For those who are looking more for a peaceful holiday, there are cruises. You travel from one island to another, you sunbathe, you have a great time and you get some rest, which, for most people, is the main aim of a holiday.

So what does the boat's captain do when he is on holiday? He certainly doesn't go to the office, like most other people do fifty weeks a year!

But before leaving, holiday-makers must not forget: their passport, their address book for writing postcards and above all their camera... Because if the sunset disappears, they'll always have the photo!

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