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The Weather - Video for English Classroom

In pubs, at bus stops, there is one subject that everyone can talk about: the weather.

Indeed, even politicians can talk about the weather calmly! Unfortunately, like politics, a lovely, blue sky can quickly become overcast and menacing.

When a thunderstorm strikes, the sky fills with light and rumblings. Flashes of light illuminate the countryside.

The weathermen spend years studying the weather, but they haven’t managed to explain why storms always happen on bank holidays, when everyone wants to go to the seaside or into the country. You’d think that Mother Nature never checks the date before watering her garden.

Children love thunder and lightning, but they’re afraid of it too. They know that lightning can be fatal and they hide under their beds.

In the middle of the night you have the impression that it’s the middle of the day.

You can estimate the distance of the storm by counting the time between the lightning and the thunderbolt. If the time is very short, you’d better not fly your kite!

Adults, however, spend half their lives waiting to fall in love, which some say is like being struck by lightning. But that’s got nothing to do with the weather!

There are some seasons when it rains more often. In spring and autumn, for example, showers are very frequent. Rain can arrive suddenly and disappear ten seconds later.

In certain places in the world, during the monsoon, centimetres and centimetres of warm rain fall each afternoon.

The rain waters the ground and makes the soil richer, which then yields abundantly. This explains why equatorial countries are very verdant.

However, an absence of water leads to drought and makes life difficult.

When the sun and rain meet, a rainbow appears. Tradition says that you can find gold at the end of a rainbow.

But hurry up and get the most from these natural phenomena because they don’t last long!

Hop! It’s already disappeared! Never mind! Just be happy with this radiant sky.

The air is cooler and the luminosity brighter. Quick, let’s go out! It’s time to take advantage of it.

Don’t forget your sunglasses, sun cream and umbrella... just in case there’s another shower.

In any case, let’s rejoice since everyone knows that after the rain comes the good weather.

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