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Means of Transport - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom

The number of people who travel by plane today is considerable. Did you know that every five seconds a passenger walks up to a check-in desk?

Once your luggage is checked in, you can make your way to the duty-free shop, then to the boarding lounge where you can finally get on board the plane that is on the runway. The air hostess welcomes you warmly.

Get comfortable in your seat, fasten your seat belt, relax and wait for the air hostess to bring you a refreshment and something to eat.

You can even sleep a little, the seats are so comfortable these days. Unless you don’t feel very safe in planes!

In that case, pay attention to the safety instructions and the crew’s demonstration that tells you what you must do in the event of an emergency.

Fortunately, you’ve got a place next to the emergency exit! You’d be the first one to jump out if everything you imagine actually took place.

But you’d have first the responsibility of opening the door! A difficult task to assume! Despite your apprehension, you should know that the aeroplane is one of the safest means of transport.

Another aircraft that is just in front of yours has probably already taken on board new passengers or maybe another cargo. It is getting ready to take off. Nowadays, refuelling can be done in under an hour.

The plane has become a means of transport almost as used as the others, so much so that when one lands, another takes off from another runway.

Just imagine all those people in the air at the same time, all those meals to be served, all those suitcases to be sorted out and all those passports to be controlled!

The stations are also packed with people. In cities, most of the passengers are in fact commuters who are making their way to work.

A century ago the train occupied the place that the aeroplane has today. Apart from the minimal risk of a derailment or a murder on the Orient-Express, the train is also a very safe means of transport.

Going from one town to another can, however, be a perilous adventure: what with the possible delays, strikes, train cancellations, power failures or even flooded stations, your journey can transform itself into a real assault course!

Despite all this, you can relax in the train, even sleep, read the newspaper, make friends with other passengers, watch the countryside go by...

If you’re not in a hurry, there’s immediate boarding for a cruise in the South Pacific! Mind you don’t get seasick!

The captain and his crew wish you a pleasant stay on board their boat and inform you of the activities and games organised throughout the crossing. Have a nice trip!

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