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About Sea - Video for Listening Comprehension

Before civil aviation of the twentieth century, before the railways of the industrial revolution, Man used waterways. Today, he still uses the oceans for commerce, but also for leisure.

Vessels cut across the seas, transporting goods to every corner of the world. They go from port to port, dockyard to dockyard. The men load and unload, and they've been doing this for centuries, using clippers, for example.

The oceans are also a source of food. Fish are plenty and nets full on board the trawlers. Once the fish is sorted, mind you don't get your feet caught up in the nets, or in the lobster pots!

It might be hard to believe, but angling is one of the world's most popular sports. It's so relaxing setting up by a river, rod in hand, waiting for the fish to take the hook. Sh! Be quiet! If you make too much noise, you'll scare the fish away.

If you are lucky enough to catch one, throw it back straight away. Nothing can stop you from telling everyone afterwards that the fish was your biggest catch ever. But don't exaggerate by saying it was as big as a whale!

After this great fishing trip, you can relax on the water... thanks to your boat. Don't pretend to walk on water, we can see the board, you're surfing! And you're water-skiing! It's fun to slalom between the buoys, and windsurf or go funboarding, using the waves to do somersaults.

If you're not tempted by these acrobatics, go sail a dinghy, or imagine something bigger or something faster. Yachts are like floating hotels. But pleasure cruising isn't as pleasant as you might think...

You've got to hoist the sails, go about, run with the wind, beat up to windward, drop anchor and cast off the mooring ropes. If all these manoeuvres are beyond your strength, give in to the temptation of a cruise in the Caribbean.

Or travel by barge on canals and rivers. Have you ever wondered how boats go up hills? They go through locks. But opening and closing the sluice gates requires a lot of energy.

There are also some enormous canals that cross continents. The Suez and Panama Canals are incredibly long! The one in Corinth, in Greece, is extremely narrow. For the landlubber, there are rowing boats. They're very simple to steer.

But there's one thing you must never forget... When you're on the water, wear a life jacket. Because if the boat capsizes or if an unforeseen storm arises, you risk being thrown overboard.

But with a lot of luck, you'll be saved by a dolphin who'll take you back to shore, just like in the Greek legend.

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