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Logico MAXIMO latihan kecerdasan untuk SD
LOGICO MAXIMO is the extension of LOGICO PICCOLO which offers more challenging exercises with its 18 sliding buttons for various, curriculum-relevant setting of tasks.

LOGICO MAXIMO is an ideal programs to practice and examine children abilities and knowledge of all obligatory topics and learning fields of the school and real-life curriculum.

The versatility of the program guarantees outstanding performances of children in different subjects, that makes LOGICO an important learning and exercise material in all forms of educational settings at home and at school.

LOGICO MAXIMO adalah seri lanjutan dari LOGICO PICCOLO dengan konsep permainan lebih menantang dengan 18 tombol warna warni yang bisa di geser sehingga permainan akan lebih menarik dan lebih tertantang. Sangat ideal di gunakan untuk anak usia 9 tahun ke atas. Merupakan program permainan yang sangat luar biasa untuk meningkatkan kemampuan anak dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris, matematika, pengetahuan umum dan membantu juga meningkatkan konsep berpikir serta analisa untuk anak

LOGICO MAXIMO consists of 3 subjects:

Brain Development
Exercises to support and enhance children's abilities of abstract thinking, imaginative power, geometrical knowledge and problem solving. For many exercises there are various strategies to solve the task, each child may find his/her own strategy and discuss this aspect in the group.

Latihan untuk mendukung dan meningkatkan anak-anak dalam kemampuan: Berpikir logika, Berimajinasi dan berinovasi, Mempelajari ilmu geometrik, Terbiasa dalam memecahkan setiap masalah.
Tujuan utama dari permainan ini supaya anak terbentuk kemadiriannya , dan belajar berbagai strategi untuk memecahkan setiap permasalahan.

The lessons are focused on the main grammatical structures and exercises for understanding English vocabulary of various topics. This series offers students a great variety of exercises for English vocabulary and grammatical structures, and helps them avoid the most frequent mistakes.

Untuk Bahasa Inggris materinya  diutamakan pada latihan pemahaman tata bahasa, kosa kata dan cara penulisan yang sangat berguna untuk anak-anak saat mempelajari Bahasa Inggris lebih dalam lagi .

This series consists of more advanced mathematics tacks, such as mental arithmetic, calculations of areas and circumference of geometrical figures, different dimensions of circles, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of fractions, etc.

Untuk matematika target utama adalah memperkenalkan dan melatih anak agar mahir dalam: Penjumlahan, Pengurangan, Perkalian, Pembagian, Bilangan cacah, Terampil mengenali rumus, Penyelesaikan soal cerita dengan bahasa matematika.
tujuan utama supaya anak mampu berpikir logis, cerdas kreatif dan menyukai pelajaran matematika.

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When children reach the age of 4 or 5, it is the beginning of the critical period for brain development and general knowledge absorption. We must seize the change to develop their hidden talents and intelligence to the fullest extent.
Therefore, LOGICO had designed a comprehensive and well structured series of exercises (games), PICCOLO, which make practice and learning enjoyable for children. Then, their cognitive abilities can easily be developed.

Brain Development
Exercises to promote children's abilities of visual perception, spatial thinking, imagination and geometrical thinking.
3301 Watch and Think
3302 Perception
3303 Watch, Discover and Speak
3364 Space Position
3465 Traces
3466 Patterns
3467 Geometry 1
3468 Geometry 2

Learning vocabularies, simple sentence structure, questions and statements through relevant and interesting topics.
3513 Me and My Family
3514 My Home
3515 At School
3516 My Town

Mathematics problems are introduced in real-life contexts which demonstrate their rfelevance in situations familiar to the age group.
5443 Counting and Addition to 10
5444 Addition and Subtraction to 10
5445 Addition to 20
5446 Addition and Subtraction to 20
5447 Introducing Multiplication
5448 Multiplication by 2 to 10
5449 Introducing Division
5450 Division by 2 to 10

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Children start to learn from early life. If we can provide them with the appropriate basic knowledge and concepts and motivate them to develop a good learning habit, then they definitely will perform much better than the others when they start learning at school.

LOGICO PRIMO, developed by experienced pedagogues, aimed to exercise children's abilities of recognition, counting and comparing, perception, orientation, concentration and logical thinking.

Each title contains 16 cards with colourful illustration, well-structured and interesting text, making the learning process fun for children.

The additional activities on the reverse side of each card, such as games, colouring in and handicrafts ofering children further diversions.

4017 At the Zoo
4019 Arts and Crafts with Tedy Bear
4023 Colours and Shapes
4024 Look and Speak
4026 Match the Picture
4027 May First Numbers
4030 Maths Games from 1 tp 12
4031 Maths Games up to Number 20
4054 Learning about Traffic
4056 Concentration and Perception Games

Harga Rp4,290,000

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