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The Market - Video for English Classroom

Once the weekend arrives, we're in less of a hurry. There are, however, things to do, since we can at last make the most of the town and its shops. Let's buy some flowers to brighten up the house. It's quite an art finding a bunch that won't wilt the next day.

You must know how to choose quality products. Even though the prices in superstores are generally lower than at the market, you sometimes lose out on quality. This explains why people are happy to find top-quality, traditional goods at the market, and at affordable prices.

Now you have to start bargaining. The market trader will pretend to be shocked. Keep smiling, it's all part of the game. But don't give in!

In an antique shop, the rules of the game are similar to those at the market: the shopkeeper wants to sell his wares at their best price, and the customer would like to save money.

The market, however, is more welcoming and friendly because the products are cheaper than at the antique dealers'. Antique dealers aren't recommended to people who don't want to spend too much!

You can find some real treasures in a bric-à-brac shop. But you have to learn to speak another language: when an armchair's fabric is 'faded', one says it's got 'style', and 'this piece of furniture is old' translates into 'this item has got character'...

Mind you don't believe the seller when he says that a table with woodworm is a bargain because the holes make it lighter! A lie detector is a must!

We go to the supermarket every week, or perhaps even every day. Superstores always cause controversy because they benefit from reduced prices by buying their products in bulk.

Small shopkeepers don't have these advantages. So they offer a different service: they know the names of their regular customers and they leave them plenty of time to choose.

Supermarkets do, however, have other strong points: there's no problem parking, every week there are special offers and the shelves are always well stocked. Quick! To the checkout! The bar code readers display and add up the price of each item faster than a checkout girl with four hands!

This customer is in such a hurry to put his purchases into the bags that he even puts his baby on the conveyor belt. Everybody knows that a child is priceless!

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