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About Work - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom

Congratulations! You've got your certificate of higher education. The time has come to go and look for work. The telephone quickly becomes essential. Having sent several curriculum vitae, you are finally called in for an interview. Try not to seem too tense, otherwise you risk making a bad impression.

Luckily for you, your application has been accepted. You're hired! Welcome to the team! Becoming a worker does, however, present a few inconveniences: commuting every day takes a very long time and the traffic jams are never-ending! And that's not counting the taxes you'll have to pay!

By the way, what career have you chosen? Are you a waiter? Do you work as a shop assistant? On the market? So no more lie-ins for you! Or have you chosen a career where a uniform is compulsory? Like in the police or the army? Watch out for Sergeant Nit-picker, he doesn't miss a thing!

For certain jobs, suits are to be worn. Appearance counts a great deal. Receptionists must always be well dressed, secretaries as well, because they are the first to come into contact with clients. It is important for estate agents to make a good impression, just as it is for car dealers.

Does a tie make one look more credible? What judge would listen to a plaintiff wearing jeans and a jumper? None. No more than the person to be tried would accept the decision of a judge in a T-shirt and tennis shoes.

There are some jobs that are done outdoors, like those of a farmer, horticulturist, fisherman or shepherd. One job done from above, in a total lack of oxygen, is that of an astronaut! You mustn't suffer from vertigo if you want to work way up there! Racing driver is another high-risk profession.

Being a professional golfer is less dangerous, but it demands just as much discipline. You must have courage and patience to reach the top and become champion. Footballers train for years before reaching their goal! Their careers are short-lived, like those of dancers.

But don't think it's any easier working from home, especially if you've got your children to look after!

There are also people who change career-paths. Criminals who steal money suddenly find out they have a new vocation, that of prisoner! There are others who don't want to succeed by legal means. They prefer to falsify important documents.

To become a company manager, you must have ambition, motivation and talent, you have to work hard and not go to sleep! Then you can harvest the fruits of your labour by purchasing, for example, a beautiful car, a flat in town, a house in the country with several hectares of land and a villa by the sea for those well-deserved holidays!

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