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At the Weekend - Video for English Classroom

Here's one thing you don't have to worry about at the weekend: time. No need to rush. Breakfast is a real pleasure. You've got two days to do whatever pleases you. Forty-eight hours devoted to your hobbies.

Perhaps you play a musical instrument? Like the saxophone . . . The piano . . . Maybe even the flute . . . Or the violin. Ooh, that sounds like you're torturing a cat! Whatever the instrument you play, you'll have to learn to read sheet music or you'll never improve.

Lovers of the outdoors relax by taking the dog for a walk, or they go hiking. It's not surprising they're lost, their map's upside down! Some people like to discover historic monuments, visit museums.

Of course there are those who prefer to stay at home and read a magazine, or a comic, even draw their own comic strips! Others paint for pleasure. Whatever your age, art develops the imagination.

Either way, there's always something to do in the home: DIY in the garage, sewing, gardening . . . Those roses are so beautiful! And what a vegetable plot! You must really have green fingers!

Why don't you have a little nap? You'll be in good shape for the evening. How about going to the circus? No, that looks too dangerous. A night at the opera or the theatre? Or a drink with friends?

Perhaps you want to invite some friends over, to play cards, chess? Mahjong or backgammon? There are so many board games, it's hard to decide. If you are alone, you can play patience.

If you've got the money and you like danger, you can also spend the night at the casino, rolling the dice. But don't bet everything all at once. People only win like that in films!

Whatever you decide to do, even if it's walking on your hands or taking to the air . . . Don't forget to come back down to earth on Monday morning!

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