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Happy birthday to you - Video for English Classroom

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you...' A child's first birthday is an occasion for the parents to remember the birth that took place twelve months ago. 

It's only when they're older that children enjoy their birthday party. Before opening the presents, they blow out the candles. Parents explain that the tradition is to make a wish at the same time. You only have to keep it secret and it will come true. 

Isn't it a lovely day for inviting friends over? First of all, you've got to get everything ready: buy paper plates, paper napkins, hats, drinks, and don't forget to make a nice cake.

Birthdays are celebrated with family, but also among friends. Just as well, the more guests there are, the more presents there will be! 

At a children's birthday party, staying seated like grown-ups is out of the question. It's an opportunity to have fun and play hide-and-seek, Simon says and tag. The more the merrier! 

If there's a large garden, it's the ideal place for a treasure hunt. Each team has to find clues that lead to Blackbeard's treasure chest. He's the wildest of all pirates. These children are taking the game seriously, they've even got dressed up! 

For children who don't have a garden or an imaginary ocean with very rich and very nasty pirates, there are still clowns and magicians to liven things up! It's a tough job getting custard pies thrown at you all day long! Isn't that right, Mister Clown?

It's easy to find ideas for children's presents. They want toys and video games. An adult's birthday is different. Friends offer presents, but the choosing is more difficult. Instead of toys, adults get jewellery, clothes or knick-knacks. 

Fortunately, most shops allow you to change presents you don't like! Go ahead, madam, open it, the present isn't just that nice parcel with ribbons! 

And how do adults have fun? They either invite their friends over for dinner, or they meet in a bar to have a drink before going to a restaurant. And as it's your birthday, you're king for the evening! 

After dinner, you can go to a nightclub and dance until dawn. When you're young, evenings that go on until the wee small hours of the morning don't frighten you. As you get older, however, you might find the music too loud! 

If you find the day after difficult, imagine what state the Queen of England finds herself in: she has two birthdays a year! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Quick! Aspirin!

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