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Let's go food shopping! - Video for English Classroom

Let's go food shopping! We've looked forward to the weekend, so let's hurry to the greengrocer's round the corner or the market in the town centre. 

Let's not waste any more time. First get some apples... Grapefruits... Peaches... A pineapple... Pears... Some grapes... And a few bananas. But don't throw the skin on the ground. Otherwise... 

Mmm, strawberries. Above all don't forget the whipped cream! That watermelon looks really juicy! So do the tomatoes. Yes, they're a fruit and not a vegetable. When you get home, you can make an enormous fruit salad. Without the tomatoes of course! 

Let's move on to the vegetables. A bunch of radishes, a lettuce, a red cabbage, some bunches of asparagus and some onions. There's even corn. Hey! Good news for Cinderella, the pumpkins are on promotion! 

Let's get some carrots, rich in vitamin A, which is good for your eyesight... The proof is that you never see rabbits wearing glasses! 

You then have to prepare the vegetables. You can slice them... Or if you want a well-presented dish, you can cut them into thin slices. Mind those fingers, however! Only vampires like blood sauce! 

Opposite the greengrocer's, there's the butcher's shop. Let's go there and buy some meat. The butcher shows us some fine cuts. There's steak, cutlets, minced meat... And there are even some cooked meats. 

What about getting a few slices of ham to make a sandwich? Once cooked, meat is always more appetising. Mmm, roast turkey. Is it Christmas already? Roast beef, a dish that the English love. It looks delicious... 

Taste these barbecued chicken drumsticks... Watch out, the sauce might be spicy! You can accompany the meat with various carbohydrates: rice... Or pasta shells... Or spaghetti, which give us lots of energy. 

Wholemeal bread contains slow-burning carbohydrates which our body needs... It's also rich in fibre that helps digestion. But how do you explain the mystery of the bread slice that disappears under the grill... and comes out as toast? 

And after all that, there's still some space left for sweet things... Different flavoured lollipops, chocolate chip cookies... Or a whole box of chocolates. Mind you don't get an upset stomach! 

Who knows? Perhaps one day long journeys into space will be common, and there won't be enough room for food. Meals will probably have to be turned into pills! 

Here we've got a feast for a hundred people, coffee and cigars included! And here, a few pills for someone on a diet! Epicureans would advise us to eat well today because we don't know what tomorrow may bring!

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