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Investing - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom

After a long day's work behind your shop counter, you're now keen to find out how much you've earned. So you count the money in the till. Many customers have settled their bills today, so there should be more money than usual.

Of course, you prefer cash payments because they go immediately into your bank account, whereas when paying in a cheque, you always have to wait between three and five days for it to go through!

When you're counting, make sure you separate the notes and put them all the same way up. This will help you when checking. Once you've finished doing your accounts, don't forget to put the money in the night safe at the bank.

You'll go back tomorrow morning to find out your exact balance. Your insurance policy stipulates that the money should be in a safe place, otherwise, in case of fire or theft, you won't be reimbursed.

The next day, you're at the bank as soon as the counters open. The manager already has an appointment, dealing with a customer in debt!

Luckily, you put all the notes the same way up last night and your calculations were right! Otherwise she'd be angry with you as well! You take advantage of the occasion to ask for a little financial advice.

You've been putting money by for a few years and now your savings are quite considerable. Now you'd like to invest. Savings accounts don't interest you any more because the interest rates are too low. So you discuss possible investments with your advisor.

He suggests you invest in property. You're already a home owner, but he suggests you buy a second house and then rent it. Unfortunately you're not interested because the local and property taxes are too high.

You'd rather invest your money in new companies that have just issued shares on the stock market. Especially in the computer sector: it's growing fast and share prices are rocketing.

Be careful, though! Study the proposals well before speculating on the stock market.

Finally your advisor suggests you put your money on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Before you sign anything, he asks you if you're sure you won't want to make any large outlays in the years to come.

A few months later, you start having doubts about the value of your investment. Did you do the right thing investing all your savings at once?

You phone your stockbroker and ask him about the situation. He understands that you're a little anxious, but the news is good: your shares have gone up by twenty per cent!

Mind you don't end up catching the 'shareholders' virus' and eternally wonder whether to sell or wait a little longer?

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