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The Holidays Have Arrived! - Video for English Classroom

At last! The holidays have arrived! You've worked hard all year and now you're entitled to a few weeks of well-earned rest.

By the sea, far from the city, you can enjoy your free time. A brochure says you can walk along the coastline or surf, if you love waves.

For the laziest of holiday-makers there is always the beach, deck chair and ice creams. But take special care you don't get sunburnt! Not only do you risk feeling very sore, but also being served as dish of the day in the port's restaurant! Lobsters are a real delicacy around here!

After a day spent sipping exquisite cocktails and diving into the deep blue, how nice it is to go back to the spacious villa you've rented for the summer!

At sunset, you can invite friends over. This is only the start of an evening that promises to be fun! Let the party begin!

The villa's kitchen is well equipped. If you want to have a barbecue with your friends, don't deny yourself, because everything's possible in this dream villa.

But who'll do the washing-up afterwards? No one? As usual!!!

Woken by the early morning light, from the window of your bedroom you can see the sea. Another day in paradise! Look at this cloudless sky! Holidays like these, you'd recommend to everyone!

The holidays are an opportunity for the family to get together. Nothing's better than a walk along the shoreline! The waves break at your feet and recede just before getting them wet.

But watch out! Waves like to have fun and you could find yourself soaked to the skin. Watch them or you'll have the surprise of finding a fish in your pocket.

And mind those angry crabs who might pinch your toes! Better take refuge in dad's arms. He's got big toes that are a lot more appetising to hungry crabs!

If you don't want to walk any more, you can play football, volleyball or fly a kite. Building sand castles or digging holes is also great fun.

But, above all, don't forget any friends you've buried in the sand, because it's almost high tide!

On arriving at the villa, wash your feet well or you'll get sand everywhere! Which is very unpleasant, especially when it's in your bed!

During the holidays you're supposed to rest, but in fact, you come home even more tired. Roll on next summer!

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