Senin, 28 Januari 2013

What do you have for breakfast? Video for Listening Comprehension

What do you have for breakfast? A savoury breakfast with bacon, eggs and toast? A sweet breakfast with croissants, fruit and coffee?

An energizing breakfast with cereal and fruit rich in vitamins? A dietary breakfast with just an apple . . . And a glass of milk? 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It gives you lots of energy. You can do anything after a good breakfast! 

But by the end of the morning your stomach starts to rumble. It's not long till lunchtime. 

'Hmm . . . what should I have? A mixed salad? A hot dog? Hamburger and chips? A typically French onion soup? Why not? I haven't got any meetings this afternoon'. 

Perhaps you'd prefer to eat seafood . . . Prawns . . . Lobster or crab? Or even enjoy some fresh fish . . . 

In Italy they like pasta. And they do eat a lot of it! But since it comes in all shapes and colours, you never get tired of it. 

How about having an exotic speciality? Tandoori chicken? Or some chilli con carne? Watch out for the spices . . . They make for an explosive mixture! 

Ever thought of trying Japanese cooking? Like sushi, which is made from raw fish . . . and plain, boiled rice. Makes you want to try some! 

What about French food, ever tried it? France is the home of gastronomy. Refined dishes, varied sauces, vintage wines . . . Crusty and soft bread . . . Without forgetting the cheeses! 

Whatever your tastes, one thing is certain: nobody likes being deprived of dessert! 

Whether it be a raspberry tart, mmm . . . A delicious chocolate cake, mmm . . . A key lime pie, mmm . . . Or vanilla ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream. Mmm! Mmm! 

But like all good things . . . Don't overdo it!

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