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About Distribution - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom

In the field of distribution we use large means... or smaller ones! The only difference is the economies of scale.

To put good methods into practice, you have to start young, for example by delivering newspapers to people in the neighbourhood. Sometimes the delivery is done well, other times, it leaves a little to be desired. But that happens everywhere, even in large companies.

There are days when the goods dispatched from warehouses are faulty. Even if this is due to bad packaging, the products have to be replaced. When there are delivery errors, the problem is sorted out by the dispatch department.

The large distribution networks resort to different means of transport. Heavy goods vehicles are used in most cases, driven by long-distance lorry drivers who use the motorways, day and night.

They often get stuck in hold-ups on the roads approaching heavily built-up areas. Even if the journeys are tiring, they have to unload upon arrival and this is when trolleys are handy for covering the last few metres.

Despite the construction of motorway networks, rail is still used. Once the merchandise is loaded into the wagons, the freight is forwarded to its destination. The logistics are more complex, but there are fewer traffic jams!

We also use the oceans to transport products from one continent to another and canals inside the same country. The cargo is stowed on board the ships by dockers. Once arrived safe and sound, the operation is carried out backwards: the cranes come to life and the unloading can begin.

Then the lorries take over. In certain cases, air freighters are used. But this remains very costly.

Don't forget that good distribution begins with good packaging! There are different types of packaging: glass, paper, plastic, cardboard and wood, used for fruit and vegetable crates.

Everything is put on shelves, stacked and well organised to save time when treating the orders. Deadlines are very short in distribution. This explains the need for tools that are fast and efficient, because the keyword is efficiency, even on a local level.

As everybody knows, the customer is always right. We help them put their purchases into bags and can deliver to their homes. Or they can even benefit from mail-order services. The client orders over the phone and a few days later, we deliver the product in question.

With a credit card, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line! In cities, where the keyword is speed, we call on the services of a courier. Once in possession of the address, he picks up the parcel and takes it, double quick, to the addressee.

You have to know the names of all the streets if you are a courier. This one looks like he's a little lost and this one is going faster than the wind! His boss is going to be happy!

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