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Visits from Foreign Sales Representatives - Video for Listening Comprehension in English Classroom

In all large international companies it's quite common to receive visits from foreign sales representatives. Our company organises their stay from A to Z.

We make the reservations with the airlines who then send the tickets directly to the passengers. All they've got to do then is make their way to the airport. We always try to work with reputable airlines. That way, the reps arrive satisfied and fresh, despite the jet lag.

As business trips never last long, travellers don't get burdened with several suitcases... Unless they've decided to take advantage of the journey to stay on for a few more days!

Today, one of our employees is going to the airport to meet a foreign client. He accompanies him to his hotel, which is just a stone's throw from our company. That way, the client will avoid the traffic jams the following morning and any connection problems on public transport.

Of course, he has access to all the company's facilities: a photocopier, a printer, a telephone and an answering machine with fax. This lets him stay in touch with his family.

The following day, discussions get under way first thing in the morning. First of all the client listens to our plans and proposals before speaking himself. He shows us a few diagrams and some pie charts which set out the financial breakdown. When the figures are excellent, the demonstration is all the easier!

The client's proposals are worth thinking about, so our sales department studies them in detail. Then the legal department takes care of drawing up the terms of a new contract.

Come the evening, the director invites the client to a restaurant, then takes him to a ballet, if that suits him. Although the atmosphere is more relaxed, both of them are thinking about the same thing: the terms of the new contract!

The following morning, at breakfast, everybody's already engrossed in the documents. The client checks the details of the contract and, one last time, contacts his company by electronic mail. Once the terms of the contract are accepted, everybody meets to sign it. A bottle of champagne is immediately uncorked!

You must always stay confident, even when the situation seems blocked. Now the client can make the most of what's left of his time to visit the city. One of our secretaries has arranged his itinerary for tomorrow: a guided tour in the morning, followed by an afternoon's shopping so that he can get some souvenirs for his family!

The day ends in a superb restaurant, with the director and a few employees, where the contract is suitably celebrated!

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