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TeLL me More The Complete Solution for Personalized Language Learning

Learning English with Tell Me More   

TeLL me More
The Complete Solution for Personalized Language Learning
Discover a new, innovative way to learn a foreign language, with the most advanced technology available. The TeLL me More Collection's unique learning concept is the reference for comprehensive language learning methods used worldwide. Much more than a comprehensive learning program, the TeLL me More Collection is a truly personalized system that you can adapt to your own level and objectives.

:: Interactive dialogues
with 550 sentences and 15,000 words.

:: 8,000-Word glossary

:: Grammar and conjugation
Grammar rules and 700 conjugated words using simple, animated explanations.

:: Lesson report
A detailed account of your progress where you are able to play back your dialogues.
:: Personalized learning paths
The Progress Chart and Diary organize your study by selecting activities and proposing a study plan corresponding to your level and objectives, as well as your schedule.


:: State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition
With speech recognition technology, TeLL me More recognizes what you say, assesses your pronunciation and corrects any mistakes.

:: Spoken Error Tracking System
TeLL me More pinpoints and highlights mispronounced words within individual sentences using the exclusive S.E.T.S. technology.

:: Phonetic Animations in 3D
3D animations allow you to visualize the articulation of words with dynamic animations and advice on how to formulate words.

TeLL me More is available in 3 levels

Beginner: review the basics and make yourself understood in simple situations.

Intermediate: get a solid grounding and communicate easily in a foreign language.

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