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Tell me More British English Beginner - List of Lessons and Description

Learning English with Tell Me More 

Do you want to know the lists of lessons of each level and their description? Click the following:

1.      Introducing oneself :
Learning how to greet people and how to introduce yourself and your family in a few words: to give your name and nationality, where you live and what you do.
2.     Descriptions:
Learning how to describe your appearance using some simple adjectives, the names of parts of the body and of clothes. Finding out about a few verbs to describe actions.
3.     Numbers and letters:
Learning how to describe where you are, to describe the positions of the body (to sit, to stand, to kneel). Learning numbers and how to formulate a simple arithmetical problem and its solution. Learning the alphabet and how to spell words.
4.     Date and time:
Learning the names of seasons, months, the days of the week and how to tell the time. Learning to say what time it is and giving duration (the current time and how long things take).
5.     Objects and animals:
Finding out the names of certain objects for everyday use (e.g., office furniture) and how to describe where they are. Learning the names of pieces of furniture (drawer, table, shelf) and the names of a few animals.
6.     Adjectives:
Naming and describing some insects. Learning new adjectives used as attributive adjectives or epithets. Describing yourself and some objects in greater detail. Talking about the weather.
7.     Arriving in England:
Learning to greet and to introduce yourself to a pen pal from abroad using some polite everyday expressions. Giving precise information about yourself, your age, your origins and your family.
8.     The cocktail party:
Introducing and describing yourself and asking the person to whom you are speaking to do the same. Speaking about your knowledge of the language and the length of your stay...
9.      Streets of London:
Finding your way and asking for directions while in London. Through asking questions, learning how to express notions such as near and far, right and left. Following your guide’s instructions.

10.       Finding your way:
Revising vocabulary dealing with places: a map, wrong directions, etc. Learning the names of important city landmarks: a chemist’s shop, a department store, the post office. Learning to ask questions, to ask for advice and to thank your guide.
11.       Everyday actions:
Learning to describe what you do on a regular basis and what you are doing at the moment. Giving short affirmative or negative answers. Confirming or contradicting what somebody says.
12.       At the office:
Describing what you are doing, what you are trying to do and what you should do. Giving names to reflective tasks (to make an effort, to progress, to feel something) and learning some abstract adjectives (astonishing, boring…).

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