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Animal World - Video for Listening Comprehension

It's surprising what you can find at the end of your garden. Wild flowers... and even smaller yet, insects!

Look! This caterpillar can't even see his friend who's hiding on the same leaf. His vision is very bad, no doubt, but finding glasses his size is very difficult!

And did you see the praying mantis? Her camouflage is very effective. Nature has given her the best of defences: invisibility.

How annoying to be woken by an impolite caterpillar! You'll have to find another leaf to finish your nap.

At the very beginning of his life, the caterpillar is yellow and black. He builds a cocoon, metamorphoses and becomes a handsome butterfly. He now has black and orange wings.

Overnight he has become the symbol of fine weather and everyone loves him. Which isn't the case for the other creepy-crawlies!

Don't worry, this little black and white kitten in the basket isn't the dish of the day. Listen to her purr.

She's looking at her 'doggy' friends and would like to play with them. What vitality! The brown dog must bring the stick back to his owner, but the black dog says it's his. "Give it to me! It's mine !"

It's well known that only dogs would play and fight for a piece of wood. But certain of our sports may seem just as bizarre to animals.

Let's change location! Let's go on safari! There, where the animals are still wild!

In the savannah you can find the zebra. From the same family as the horse, he's got black and white stripes. You'd think he's wearing pyjamas. Even at midday!

Look! There are giraffes as well! They've got spots, however. With their long neck, they're sometimes more than five metres tall.

They don't need a ladder to eat the best leaves on the tree. But with a neck like theirs, you don't want to get a sore throat in winter!

Far from the savannah this horse is running in his field. Like a car, a horse has four speeds. He walks, trots, gallops and bolts.

It's best not to be on his back when he does that. If not, you'll find yourself in a rodeo. To help you get off, the horse bucks.

The dolphin is admired by all children. He's very talkative but not very understandable!

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