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A Busy Day - Video for Listening Comprehension

Wakey-wakey! Rise and shine!

You're always in a hurry in the morning. Daddy takes the children to school before going to work by public transport. Let's hope nobody has forgotten anything!

There's the train at last. At first sight, it looks like a quiet station. Suddenly, hundreds and hundreds of people step onto the platform to go to their office. Daddy's somewhere in this huge crowd. What a hive of activity! 

Some people prefer to take their cars. It may be more comfortable, but you have to constantly brake to stop at traffic lights. You come across all sorts of vehicles on the roads: vehicles with two wheels, four wheels, big and small. 

The days follow on and resemble each other. Come rain or shine, the routine settles in: children at school, parents at work. In spring, nature wakes up and blossoms once more. The snow melts and it is warmer. The landscapes and the countryside regain their colours. 

After the fruit harvest and grape picking, autumn is already well under way. The leaves change colour and begin to fall. In gardens, the sweeping up of dead leaves creates a lot of work. Especially if there are children nearby! 

Either way, a garden requires constant upkeep. You always have to mow the lawn, water the flowers, dig the earth and prune the rosebushes...

In winter, the snowfalls and drops in temperature mean we have to dress warmer. If not, we risk catching a cold or the flu. Sometimes the snow blocks the traffic: another day's holiday! 

The months and seasons go by, but sometimes we have the feeling that time has stopped. Especially around five o'clock in the evening!

We only think about going home. We count the minutes: 5.15, 5.30, 5.45, six o'clock precisely. There you are, you can go home! The day is over. 

In the evening, we are tired: we yawn and stretch. Some people, however, can't manage to fall asleep and they have to count sheep. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 50, 100, 1,000! 

And what do we dream about? Summer, of course! Of moments of happiness shared with family or friends, far from the daily routine! But we quickly take on new habits: swimming, reading, eating ice cream, sunbathing, swimming, reading, eating ice cream, sunbathing...

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