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What Are You Doing? - Video for Listening Comprehension

Hey, what are you doing? Oh... you're reading. These people are dancing. And they're working in a field, cutting flowers. My neighbour is listening to classical music. And me? I'm learning a foreign language.

My brother is writing a love letter. No, no, I'm not joking! I'm serious. His wife is laughing at him, she thinks he's mad. Why are you shouting? Oh, I see, the phone's ringing. The call's for your father. He's herding the cattle! Shout louder, or he'll never hear you!

This little girl is eating watermelon. And the young woman is drinking water, which is just as refreshing! I'm washing my hands. Ow! The water's boiling hot!

The child has hurt himself. He's crying. Sh! The baby is sleeping. And granddad is having a nap in the garden. So, stop playing the drum! The boy is mowing the lawn... And the father is painting the house.

The lovers are walking hand in hand. Oops, you didn't see anything! Look at these sportsmen instead. They're running a marathon. They're running the hundred metres. They're sprinting. They're skipping. One, two, three, four.

This man's sitting. He's reading his paper. He's going to work. Now he's typing a report. He's throwing the ball. And he's catching one.

I'm surfing. I love waves. They're roller-skating. What a lovely view! My mother likes to go horse-riding, which is different to horse-racing! You can do so many interesting things in a lifetime! It's never boring.

Sometimes, I dream about walking on the moon, or about living on an island. Not Manhattan island! A tropical island! I dream about having a big family. But when you're ten years old, life's a swing!

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