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Welcome to Our Play: 9 Plays for English Class at Primary School

Welcome to our play
9 Sketches and plays around the year for English class at primary school

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Authors: Tina Toase and Ingrid Weinreich
Illustrations: Silke Voigt

Welcome to Our Play - Plays for Primary English Class
Play-acting of sketches and of little plays is a valuable addition for English classes. Most children enjoy role play activities. They gain more confidence in expressing themselves in English. They expand their English vocabulary and train good pronunciation and various sentence structures in a playful way.
Right from the start of English class, there are many possibilities to integrate play-acting into the English curriculum. Thus, children get used to and prepared for performing plays at a later stage.

In Welcome to our play teachers will find complete screenplays for 8 little, amusing sketches and one puppet show. The vocabulary and sentences are simple and can easily be learned by the children. The contents of the sketches refer to the topics of the English curriculum: Christmas - Halloween - picnic - spring - special days - animals. Very useful for teachers are the detailed stage directions, information about actors, costumes and the requisites needed.
For all sketches the book offers songs and suggestions for background music.

The plays of Welcome to our play are fun and motivation for the children.

48 pages
Published 2004
Rights sold: Indonesia

Untuk penjelasan dalam bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini.

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