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Little Early Bird: Early English Learning for Children in Kindergarten and Primary School

Little Early Bird - Pengajaran Bahasa InggrisLittle Early Bird
Early English Learning for children in kindergarten and primary school

Little Early Bird is a concept for open flexible lessons, providing many options to actively learn and discover the English language.
Developed for young children, the didactical concept of Little Early Bird is:

  • oriented according to playful, action-based, situational and thematic contexts,
  • developed for integrative working and also teaching for short sequences of time,
  • always considering the age of the children.

The language competence areas Listening and understanding, speaking and acting are the main focus of Little Early Bird.

Little Early Bird offers 6 thematic units: 
    At school
    That's me
    My family and my friends
    Pets and other animals
    My toys
    The year

These 6 themes cover all necessary topics and learning fields of Early English Learning. Each theme package forms a complete unit and can be taught independently from the other units. The themes correspond to the children's daily life and experiences. The teaching materials offer possibilities for project work and are also compatible to the school curriculum.

LEB - English poster
The components of Little Early Bird

The posters
6 large sized posters (100 x 70 cm) cover all 6 themes. Carefully designed, the detailed posters serve as an introduction into a new theme and create occasions for speaking.

3 handbooks including audio CD
LEB - Teachers Guide
The handbooks offer suggestions for planning, vocabulary, songs, rhymes, stories for storytelling, copy masters for games, picture stories, work sheets, informal tests, portfolio pages and much more...

The handbooks give teachers answers to the questions

  • How to begin with teaching Early English to young children,
  • How to plan and organise English lessons,
  • How to make good and effective use of flash cards, texts for listening comprehension, short dialogues etc.,
  • Which games and activities add to the methodological variety of English lessons,
  • How to pick the right words,
  • How to encourage the children to speak,
  • How to use the hand puppets Birdie and Little Birdie as helpful addition in English lessons?

The audio CD with songs, rhymes and little stories facilitates the introduction to the English language in a playful way.

144 flash cards for vocabulary practice are the basis for numerous games. The flash cards are stored in a box and divided in the 6 themes.

The hand puppets Birdie and Little Birdie guide through the whole programme and encourage the children to speak freely. They are the ideal "native speakers".

Language competence checks
LEB Language Competence Checks it? 1-2 shows teachers how to evaluate their students' progress in English class and also helps to diagnose where more training is needed. it? 1-2 gives detailed information how to observe the progress of the students and contains detailed evaluation sheets.

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