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Happy - Jump: Warming Up Game in English Classroom for Kids

Happy - Jump: Warming Up Game in English Classroom for Kids

Happy - Jump
This games is to be used as warming up activity in English classroom

Age group:
Age 4-6

Warming up game

To develop children’s ability to identify meaning

Flashcards “feelings”

1. Ask the children to sit down in a circle.
2. Hold the feeling flashcards and determine a movement for each feeling. Adjust the difficulty according to children’s ability. Happy – jump!
Sad – sit down!
Shy – cover your face!
Angry – run to the door!
Afraid – close your eyes!
Surprise – open your mouth!
Hungry – Rub your stomach!
Thirsty – Show me your tongue!
Ok – smile!
Sleepy – sleep!
Tired – lay down!
Cold – fold your hands!
Hot – fan yourself!

3. Afterwards, ask a child to take one flashcard. Encourage him to make a movement as determined earlier and shout the word.
4. Do it until each child get their turns

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